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Be Transformed by the Renewing of Your Mind

Positive Intelligence

Mental fitness using Shirzad Chamine's Positive Intelligence®. Choose between a 8-week Mind Renewal Package or a programme designed especially for Christians.

Increase your contentment. Reduce your stress.

Improve your performance

and your relationships.


Connect via Zoom for: Transformational Coaching for International Women Leaders

or Group Coaching.


Free discovery session.


Formation de Coaching

En français via Zoom pour leaders chrétiens jusqu’à la certification Niveau 1 avec l’ICF

About Lesley Rappillard

Lesley Rappillard ICW_edited.png

Trois mots importants pour moi : Connexion, Eclairage et Transformation. J’aime rencontrer de nouvelles personnes et créer pour elles un contexte favorable à l’apprentissage. Depuis 2016, je coache des femmes internationales, les aidant à voir plus clair, à vivre leur vocation et à atteindre leurs objectifs.
Depuis 2019, je forme d'autres personnes à utiliser des outils de coaching et à devenir des coachs professionnels.

Three important words for me: Connection, Illumination and Transformation. I love meeting new people and creating a supportive learning environment for them. Since 2016, I've been coaching international women, bringing them clarity and empowering them to live out their calling and achieve their goals.
I've been training others to use coaching tools and become professional coaches since 2019.

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