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Mental Fitness

If you are physically fit, you can climb a Munro. If you are mentally fit, you can respond to the challenges of life,

such as COVID or losing your job, with peace and creativity instead of stress, anxiety or anger. 


The Transformational Mental Fitness programmes include Shirzad Chamine’s life-changing 6-week Positive Intelligence® training


Learn how you sabotage your own success; discover which are your main saboteurs and how to weaken their influence.

This will increase your contentment, reduce your stress and improve your performance and your relationships.

Measure your Positive Intelligence Quotient and see it improve as you rewire your brain by creating new neural pathways.

Programmes that use Shirzad’s training may not be advertised for less than $995USD. 


You've visited the "read more" pages and want more information...

Contact me or book a free discovery session (30 or 60 mins)

to benefit from a massive reduction on my 8 week programmes.

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